Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vick Teo 张祖诚 - No One Else

Note: Lyrics were taken from various sources & the accuracy of it is not guaranteed

Album: 天蝎藏宝图 The Secret Code of Scorpius

Girl you really looked so fine
You really caught my eye this time with that black dress
The way you moved your body
And just draw yourself near to me you just caught my breath

* Can't stop thinking about you
I just can't keep my mind off you
You got me so bad
I really wanna get with you if you're only gonna let me to
Baby it'll be alright

** You and me we're going all night long
We bump and grind while singing to our song
The mood is right to get it on tonight
The journey of our love has only just begun

*** I kissed your lips and baby you touched mine
It felt so right you've got me around tonight
There's no one else I rather be around tonight
Than making love with you while you're in my arms

I never could imagine in a full anticipation
We'd be so caught up
Hormones raging you are saying all the craziness we do
No one's to interrupt

Repeat *,**,***

There's so much more
That i can't wait to share with you
Girl if you only let me in
I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna give my all to you

Repeat **,***


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