Monday, December 17, 2007

Daniel Lee 李吉汉 - Everytime

Album: 躲不过 Unavoidable

Lately I'm not who I used to be
Someone's come and taken me
Where I don't wanna go
If I knew exactly what I have to do
In order to be there for you
When you were feeling low

* And all the things we ever wanted
Were once yours and mine
Now, I know we can revive it
All the love we left

** Everytime I kiss I feel your lips and
Everytime I cry I see your smile and
Everytime I close my eyes I realise that
Everytime I hold your hand in mine
The sweetest thing my heart could ever find
And I have never felt this way
Since the day I gave your love away

Save me, I've fallen from my destiny
You and I were meant to be
I've thrown it all away
Now you're gone
It's time for me to carry on
But baby I just can't go on
Without you by my side

Repeat *,**

We can survive it
All the pain we feel inside
You relied on me and now I've let you down
Now, I promise you forever
I will be the best I can
Now, I know we can revive it
All the love we left

Repeat **,**


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