Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Point Blanc 王中权 - Straight To The Point

Album: Straight To The Point

* (Long phang) Everybody put your hands up in the club
(Long lau) ’Cos this the hot ish’ makin’ all your ladies rub
(Long phang) Point Blanc, KLG
We ain’t playin’ now
(Long lau) We gettin’ straight to the to the to the Point!!!

I’ve been an underrated emcee for far too long
Yo Point Blanc, steppin’ up mah’ game provin’ critics wrong
The chinky eye from Ipoh, goin’ solo,
Yo when I flow I make your wifey blow, hoooo
I make a comeback like Return of the King
And this is KL kid, your ish don’t bling, huh
We don’t roll in Bentlys, we drive Kenaris
So stop playin’ yourself, nobody peepin’ honies.
I’m back at square one to rebuild my career,
Learnin’ from past mistakes my focus crystal clear,
I copped the 48 Laws, I’m ready for war,
My new battle plan is shifting units, in them record stores
And I’m sick of this Hip Hop related drama
Grownass cats actin’ beeche like a soap opera
You better off watching opera, so don’t front like
’Cos you ain’t Tony Montana

Repeat *

(Balan & Koncept 88)
What’s poppin’ haters, y’all still catchin’ feelin's?
Gawd damn here these four years we still in the building,
And y’all still need convincin’ but still,
Hatin’ on the squad’s grip ever since the beginnin’?
On beat drops, beef is minced meat, CDs turn frisbees
’Cos you see we snap tracks like bad tracks so grizzly,
And it's no cause to quickly a claw and applaude for your paws,
We deep rockin’ your Tims, we for red fever
Do the math you know the drill when the pendulum swing back
Some cats are full of ignorance can drop jewels on a tenements,
Nobody’s relevant some music has no evidence
Transparent scenes bridge burning quick, summer with style
Ninja hittin’ walls like ten master splinters wind
’Cos we straight to the point like tada tada
’Cos we straight to the point like tada tada

Repeat *

So quit beatin’ round the bush and get straight to the point
’Cos we sayin’ what we wanna say on this joint
So quit beatin’ round the bush and get straight to the point
’Cos we sayin’ what we wanna say on this joint
We got money on mah' minds and we makin’ it through our rhymes
So don’t knock on our hustle, and there won’t be no trouble

Special appearance
Excuse me again, what’s the point that you rap
What’s the point that you had
When the sad fact you spit no bullets in a gat
It’s the bridge homey, representin’ where we at
Aviators, polo tees and them af1s
3 for 10 my man thats how we have fun
Tell it to the dj, spin back to track one
But when the lights on, it’s time you better run (run)
The party’s not done it’s the you know who
Siau Che at the back I know you dig my crew
So skip the language barrier
Bring, simmi simmi lang simmi simmi ker
They say, the more the merrier
It’s Ming the Chin,
Connectin’ pen and pad with the ink,
KLG, ay we dynasty kings
Y’all haters got balls
Built rep ’round fake brawls,
But mine strong like
The Chinese Great Wall

Repeat *


santer,  March 20, 2008 at 11:39 PM  

u noe where to download the song of the malaysian chinese's song...
errmm... like they superstar or the theme songs of drama

[MCA]™ March 24, 2008 at 9:46 AM  

Sorry, [Malaysian Chinese Albums]™ does not provide downloads.
Please kindly support the originals.
Thank you.

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