Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soo Wincci 苏盈之 - Beauty With A Purpose

Album: 苏盈之 Soo Wincci

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词曲:Soo Wincci
编曲:Euywein Yong

As we look upon
There was a magical bond
That will bring us together
Striving till the end

Everything we learn
Everything that we will see
And we will hold truly to our hearts

Only strength will lead us strong
Only dreams will take us far
Only hearts will lead us to the way of love oh love

Hold our hands for long
Light the fire in our dreams
Open your arms and bring the joy to the world

Help each other along
Light the dreams in our hearts
Open your hearts and bring love to the world
Love don't need a purpose

Love don't need a purpose


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