Monday, December 17, 2007

Henley Hii 许俾文 - Perfect World

Album: 起飞 Lift Off

Every darkness has it's light,
To bring you through the night,
And everytime it fills the skies so brightly,
You'll know where to find me...

* You'll be there to see me,
Find a place and hold me,
You know I'll be there for you,
Wipe away all the tears,
Take away all your fears,
Know you'll find a way through,

** Step into a perfect world,
A place that you'll be free,
Step into a perfect world,
It's not far you can see...
Step into a perfect world,
This close to you is how I want to be,
Step into a perfect world,
Far away can't you see..

And when your heart and soul is weak,
The ray of light you shall seek,
So try to close your eyes to touch and feel me,
You're in my arms can't you see...

Repeat *,**

Repeat **


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